Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CASMO Appropriates Nelson Mandela to Serve Its Khomeinist Ends

Well, you really can't blame these Shias, sponsors of the upcoming Al Quds Day seethe-a-thon at Queen's Park (it's this Saturday). After all, if you want to persuade gullible Canadians that you're on the side of the angels--and that your enemy, Israel (a.k.a. "Little Satan"), is an "apartheid state"--you'll go a lot farther by using this guy's image

CASMO - Canadian Shia Muslims Organization's photo.

instead of this guy's


Update: BCF reminded me that it wasn't so long ago that CASMO featured ex-KKK chief David Duke on its website. From Duke to Mandela in no time flat: you can't say the Khomeinists aren't rank opportunists.

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