Friday, July 18, 2014

The Spectre of Jew-Hate Stalks the Continent Once More--But This Time It's Largely Islamic

Melanie Phillips writes:
Muslim attacks on Jews are spiraling across Europe. In May, four Jews were killed in an attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels; the suspect, another radicalized French Muslim, was said by the Belgian state prosecutor to have confessed to the attack “against Jews.” In Sweden, Jews have been driven out of the city of Malmo by Muslim attacks, harassment and intimidation. 
All this goes virtually unreported by mainstream Western media. Street protests are routinely described as “anti-Israel.” 
Everyone is therefore missing the big story: the tsunami of anti-Jewish hatred rolling across Europe. In Paris and elsewhere, the always paper-thin “anti-Zionist but not anti-Jew” excuse has been stripped away...
The sickening irony is that on the continent where the Holocaust occurred (and where there are lots of monuments in memory of dead Jews), Muslims but not Jews have been the beneficiaries of residual European guilt (that's Mark Steyn's brilliant insight), and now the Jews who remain are being victimized because of it.

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