Friday, July 18, 2014

"Justin Trudeau Reflects on Ramadan"

Well, he would, wouldn't he? Here's his Ramadan 2014 message to the faithful:
As Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada I’ve been fortunate enough to travel from coast to coast to coast, meeting Canadians and sharing in important celebrations and milestones. On Sunday, June 29, I had the pleasure of sitting down with members of the Muslim community for the first Iftaar (breaking of the fast) at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto.
This was a wonderful chance to share in a meal and talk to members of the community about their faith and the significance of the holy month of Ramadan: a time for fasting, prayer, spiritual reflection, charity, and friendship.
I saw first-hand the spirit of the community by visiting the kitchen and the volunteers who prepare meals daily during this holy month. Having visited several Mosques before, I know that the generosity of the Muslim community extends throughout the year. Whether it is through hot soup kitchens, supporting programs aimed at helping our young people, or raising money for local hospitals, the compassion and generosity of the Muslim community uplifts us all.
I was truly touched by the warm welcome from the families and volunteers I met. It being two days before Canada Day, I couldn’t help but think how this event embodies the character and values that make this country great.
I am proud to live in as diverse and vibrant a country as ours, where our differences are celebrated as the source of our shared strength. Iftaar is a reminder of the importance of ensuring that every Canadian – regardless of background, age, race, or faith – is included in our shared prosperity, and our shared future.
I am thankful for the diversity and religious freedoms which we enjoy in Canada, and I am proud of the accomplishments and contributions made by Canada’s thriving Muslim community.
I wish my Muslim brothers and sisters a blessed Ramadan, and pledge to continue standing up for all Canadians to protect the values that unite us.
Ramadan Mubarak! 
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh, sorry. I seem to have nodded off somewhere before the second "Iftaar."

For some reason Justin's squishy "diversity" blather always has that effect on me.

Update: I don't mean to give Justin any post-Iftaar dyspepsia (okay, maybe I do), but that mosque where he had the pleasure of sitting down for the first Iftaar may not actually share our values. How do we know? Well, when another infidel dropped by the Islamic Foundation of Toronto as part of this year's Doors Open event he discovered that
the organizers [were] using the event not so much to showcase the architecture of the institution, as to offer free literature proselytizing about Islam, prohibited by the policies of Doors Open.
One book called on Muslims to wage armed jihad.
Towards Understanding Islam was written by the late radical Islamist, Sayyid Mawdudi, who in 1941 founded the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate in the Indian subcontinent known as the Jamaat-e-Islami.
In the book, Mawdudi exhorts Muslims to launch jihad against Islam's oppressors, meaning armed struggle against non-Muslims.
The book states: "... this word (jihad) is used particularly for a war that is waged solely in the name of Allah ... This supreme sacrifice of life devolves on all Muslims."
Gotta love those "shared values," eh, Justin?

Iftaar-fan Justin tucks into a tasty dish during a male-only
Ramadan dinner.

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