Thursday, July 24, 2014

Western Bleeding Hearts Pressured Israel to Ease Up on Restrictions of Construction Materials for Gaza--With Predictable Results

Israel was right, the bleeding hearts were wrong, same old, same old:
For years, human-rights groups, diplomats, pundits, and other opinion leaders demanded an end to the “siege” of Gaza, and eventually, they succeeded. President Barack Obama deserves special mention here; it was he who, after Israel’s botched raid on a flotilla to Gaza in 2010, twisted Israel’s arm into drastically easing its import controls. The pressure increased again after Egypt tightened its own blockade of Gaza last year, leading Israel to remove all remaining restrictions on construction materials like cement and iron. 
Most of those who pressed Israel on this issue sincerely wanted to improve Palestinian lives: Eliminating import restrictions, they argued, would let Gaza residents build homes and businesses, improve the economy, and generally contribute to Palestinian wellbeing. So they blithely dismissed Israel’s warnings that these materials would actually be used not to help ordinary Palestinians, but to build Hamas’s terror infrastructure. 
We now know Israel’s warnings were 100 percent correct...
With Gaza now a maze of underground tunnels, that is cold comfort, indeed.

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