Saturday, July 19, 2014

Do Bee a Zion-Loather/Widdle Shahid

The difference between Jews and Arabs, writes Glenn Fairman on the American Thinker site, is crystallized and epitomized by a giant fuzzy bee:
While the one-year-old granddaughter of Hamas’ prime minister Ismail Haniyah finds succor from a grave malady in a hated Israeli hospital, and Jews who are quick to return blessings for curses spend a terrorized existence waiting for the next shoe to drop in their bomb shelters, it is the Children of Gaza who suffer the mightiest indignation by moral gargoyles who harbor no qualm in sacrificing one generation on behalf of another. It is one thing to perish at the business end of a bullet in this eternal conflict, but quite another to have one’s humanity and innocence ground away like pumice. To bring about this metamorphosis, every child in the Palestinian (and Arab) world is fed a gourmet indoctrination of hate where Jews are categorized as pigs and dogs. Today, Palestinian children are feted to a “Sesame Street” styled “wall of hate” that dehumanizes Israelis and lays the apologetic groundwork to justify the litany of atrocities committed to absolve every Arab dishonor incurred since the “unspeakable nakba” As a case in point, Memri TV, that unsleeping chronicler of Arab media perfidy, has translated a children’s show where a Disneyesque bumblebee named Nahoul urges kindergarteners to pick up rocks and reduce the faces of Jews to that of tomatoes.
BTW, Nahoul the bee died a martyr's death some years ago, as did his predecessor, Farfour the mouse, and as did Nahoul's successor, Assud the Jew-eating rabbit.

Sorry to deploy a tired old cliché, but those gibungous Palestinian kiddie TV characters seem to be dropping like flies.

Also--it's extremely humane of Israel to treat the heinous Haniyah's grandkid, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if she grows up to despise "the Jews" every bit as much as her grandpa does--and maybe hate them even more because, after all, the Jews saved her life, and it is intolerable to have to feel beholden to them.

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