Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's Behind the Perverse But Pleasant (to Some) Delusion That the Jews are the New Nazis?

Ben Shapiro writes that it has to do with Europe's "bloodguilt" over the Holocaust"
Those who today label Israel the font of all evil use Hitler’s rationale to relieve guilt over Hitler. That’s why the same protesters in Frankfurt threatening Jews carried posters comparing Israel to the Nazis: If Jews are the new Nazis, fighting the Jews becomes an obligation.
But it goes beyond that, I think. I remember some time ago reading that something along the lines of "the Jews will never be forgiven for the Holocaust." At first, that statement seems merely perverse: after all, why would the Jews have to be forgiven for savageries inflicted on them? Morality and sanity would seem to demand that, if any forgiveness was going to go on, it would entail Jews forgiving those who participated in crimes against Jews, which were also crimes against humanity. 

And yet, as we see today with Zionhass and how it is metastasizing around the globe, that first idea, that the world would withhold forgiveness to the Jews because of what was done to them, appears to be right on. The Jews won't be forgiven for the fact of the Holocaust elevating them to the title of Victim Group Supreme, as some guilt-ridden though not necessarily contrite European Jew-haters and as Zion-loathing Muslims have come to view it--and have come to resent it thoroughly and often apoplectically.

What initially may strike one as perverse, then, actually makes perfect sense. And it is part of the animus that drives today's Zionhass. For if the Jews can be toppled from their "Supreme Victim Group" perch by claiming that Israelis today behave much like Nazis did back then, the guilt-ridden but non-contrite get to tie up some loose ends in an exceedingly satisfying way. As an added bonus, they get to topple the Jews from their Numero Nno Victim perch, thereby dispatching any lingering guilt re the Shoah, and being handed the excuse they need--i.e. Israel's infamy--to return to those exceedingly satisfying blood libels of old.  

This perversion of facts and the Israeli flag is perversely
satisfying to many Zion-loathers.

Update: These are a few of the chants that could be heard at a recent Zion-loather's "protest"/pogrom in Paris:

- Death to the Jews!
- Death to Ashkenazi!
- Hitler was right
- We're gonna burn out
- White Sales!
- Hamas Resistance!
- Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!
- Palestine must finish the job (note: started by Hitler)

I expect to hear the same sort of hateful rants screeched at this year's Al Quds Day in Toronto, which is being conflated with a pro-Gaza protest (read about it here).

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