Friday, July 25, 2014

Toronto Sun Columnist Farzana Hazan Calls for Palestinians to Defeat the Hamas Death Cult

She writes:
Palestinians should seize this opportunity [the election scheduled for October] to choose the kind of security seven years of Hamas control has not delivered them.
Unfortunately, too many see Hamas as their only path to salvation.
In fact, Hamas is the main cause of their misery.
True, Fatah, its rival political faction, has been ineffective and corrupt.
However, the first step towards improvement in the lot of the Palestinians is to vote for a party whose vision goes beyond medieval notions of martyrdom.
Yes, because the party that's pushing the modern notion of the Palestinians' "right of return" (and that makes common cause with Hamas) is a much better option, right?

Isn't the first step to acknowledge that Israel is in the crosshairs of the global jihad (a Medieval effort that is still going like gangbusters today), and that both Fatah and Hamas are waging it?

Second step: dismantle UNRWA, the UN Agency that's essentially an arm of Hamas and that, in maintaining Palestinians as permanent refugees, a status accorded to no other people, has sabotaged the very notion of long-term peace (which is sort of the point of having an UNRWA--to keep Palestinians angry and miserable so they will forever be a thorn in Israel's flesh).

Third step: buh bye, Khameini.

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