Friday, July 25, 2014

Useful Idiocy With a Side of Kosher Dills--It's the Pits

Toronto delicatessen purveyor Zane Caplansky has signed on to sponsor this year's Toronto Palestine Film Festival. (Eliminationist Palestine House, site of a recent riot, was among last year's sponsors). The Toronto Star scribbler approves--big time--of course:
Caplansky, who describes his position as “anti-war,” said he has been struck by the “disgusting” and “brutal” nature of status updates on Facebook, which has become a magnet for extreme views. 
“There’s a war going on. Hundreds of people have been killed,” he said. “You can’t tell me something positive is going to come out of it.” 
Seeking to inject some calm into the discussion, he chose this week to announce his support for the film festival’s outdoor screening in Christie Pits Park on Aug. 8.  
“Caplansky’s Deli is sponsoring the Palestinian Film Festival,” he posted on the social media site on Wednesday.  
Within 24 hours, his matter-of-fact post had garnered more than 150 “likes” and dozens of positive comments. 
“The path to peace is through breaking bread … with spicy mustard and pastrami,” one friend offered. 
Others simply called him a “mensch.”
Others simply call him a "moron"--and not only because he's tone deaf to the significance of holding this festival at Christie Pits, site of a famous anti-Jewish riot that occurred in the same year that saw Hitler come to power. (The implication being--what?--that what the Jews were back then the Palestinians are today? Gee, Zane, have you read the Hamas Charter?)

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