Monday, July 28, 2014

The Incredibly Biased Ceeb Surveys Media Coverage of Gaza, Concludes--Quelle Shockeroo!--That Lefty Coverage (Including Its Own) Is Fair, Unbiased

It's ever so amusing when the Ceeb, which is convinced that its leftist worldview is the only correct and proper one (when in fact it is merely the default setting of poseurs and bien pensants) takes a look at how the media are covering the Gaza conflagration. You will be told, for example, that NPR and the New York Times (flagrantly anti-Israel, the pair of 'em) are providing superb coverage; that Al Jazeera America is, like, totally on the money (or so says AJA employee Ali Velshi); and that people shouldn't be put off by headlines that displease them but should read through an article because they just might learn something new (that helpful advice courtesy ostensible conservative Jon Kay).

Update: If you share the Ceeb's bias, then you probably think its Gaza correspondent, Derek Stoffel (this is one of his typical dispatches) is doing a terrific job. If, like me, you have a different P.O.V., I think you'd agree that Stoffel is, well, awful.

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