Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gaza Protest in Toronto: As Always, the Reprehensible Ceeb Protects the Zion-Loathers, Fails to Report on the Genocidal Zionhass

The protest in Toronto wasn't as incendiary as it was in, say, Paris. But they say we're a few years behind Europe in that respect. Here's the Ceeb's version of the event, which has been scrubbed clean of every last trace of Zionhass, the genocidal Jew-hate of our time:
In Toronto, demonstrators held signs with slogans like "Gaza needs more than our prayers," chanting "free, free Palestine," across the street from the Israeli Consulate. 
Organizer Hind Awwad said the rally was drawing attention to what she calls "Israel's ongoing aggression."
She said the Harper government's "unwavering support" of Israel amounts to complicity in "crimes in the Gaza Strip."
"We're here to raise our voices and say Israel must be pressured," she said, adding that protesters are calling for sanctions.
Aidan Macdonald, who is also an organizer with the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, said the goal was to "express solidarity" with Palestinians.
Organizer BeHind, BTW, calls herself "a third-generation Palestinian refugee," and is heavy into the BDS mishegas.

Oddly enough, the Sun's Michael Coren went to the protest and came away with an entirely different impression. This is what he saw--and it's evident that the "solidarity" was rather ancillary to the main event (i.e. the flagrant Zionhass):
“The Jews control the media, control the banks, control governments, control everything,” shouted the man in front of me, cheered on by a mob of men and women who quickly assembled around him. 
“Will I condemn the murder of the three Israeli teens? Speak sense! They were killed in a car accident two weeks earlier and used by the Zionists to justify the holocaust on Gaza. Their families were part of the plot.” More cheering. 
Welcome to the wonderful world of a Toronto protest against the Israeli response to Hamas and its killing of Jewish kids and firing of thousands of rockets into Israel...
If you're a lefty and/or Islamist Zion-loather, it is indeed a wonderful world because you can always count on the state broadcaster, which shares your animus toward Israel, to have your back and hide your evil intent from the public. Coren, meanwhile and more honestly, calls the protesters "fanatics" and "ghouls" who long for "a Jew-free" (or Judenrein, in Nazi parlance) Middle East.

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