Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Letter in the G&M Pushes a Kumbaya Solution for the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

This is the only letter the Globe and Mail printed re Margaret Wente's Tuesday column:
Bombs and martyrs
Re Hamas PR: Human Shields (July 15): Both sides in this conflict show themselves to be cynical and brutal, and more than ready to play to their strengths – for the Israelis, dropping bombs; for the Palestinians, displaying martyrs. Ultimately, they will have to learn to live together. The land they inhabit is too small for anything else. For that to happen, fundamental equality and the mutual respect that can be based on it will have to appear between the two sides. A good start would be a fair sharing of the land and its resources.
Colin Beattie, Ottawa
My response:
Just wanted to give a heads-up to letter-writer Colin Beattie. Hamas is not looking for an "equitable" split of land and resources with Israel. As set out in its Charter, Hamas, the local wing of the Muslim Brotherhood which is being supplied with missiles by Iran, aims to eliminate the Jewish state for one simple reason: because it is Jewish.
To suggest that all can be resolved via Israeli becoming more "equitable" is both risible and catastrophically na├»ve.

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