Monday, July 14, 2014

The Ceeb Wants You to Know One Thing About Islamic Law--It's So Goshdarned "Flexible"

That gobsmacking assertion is part of this Ceeb puff piece about the challenges of observing Ramadan in Canada's far north. (Lynda Clarke, the woman who makes the claim re sharia, is a religion prof at Corcordia U and a noted apologist for Islam: Here's the report she authored in which she gives thumbs up to chicks in Canada wearing the niqab. The irony of the Ceeb story, which shows lots of men tucking into a Ramadan fast-breaker, is that she's the only chick in it. And, FYI, she isn't sharing their Iftar feast but is speaking to the Ceeb reporter over the phone from far, far away.)

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