Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Palestinian Zionhass, By the Book

Here are some titles that the PA flogged at this year's Frankfurt book fair, Europe's largest event of its kind:
  • “The Zionist Deception Dictionary.” A book based on the notorious “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” The “Protocols” have long been a favorite of Palestinian propagandists. 
  • “Jewish Terms: Beware of Them!” Another so-called reference volume. An example of a Jewish term of which the reader should beware: The “myth” of the “Nazi Crematoria.” 
  • “Jews Converted to Islam by the Prophet,” by Muhamad Ala Batir. A kind of ‘success stories’ volume. 
  • “The Buraq Wall,” by Jehad J. Al Ayesh. An entire book devoted to arguing that Jews have no connection or claim to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. “Worshipping at the Wall is a new heresy [propagated by] the religion of the Jews,” the book declares (p.31). The author rants about “Jewish subversion” (p. 31), “Jewish aggressions to Judaize the Wall” (p. 37), and the like. Not surprisingly, it concludes that “the Buraq Wall is the property of Muslims” and must be under exclusive Muslim control (p. 40). 
  • A booklet called “The Jewish Plot to Establish a Temple to Judaize Jerusalem.” Standard Palestinian conspiracy-mongering.
  • They're obviously out of their minds and in no condition to run their very own state, much less negotiate a deal that would lead to one.

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