Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ottawa in Lockdown as a Canadian Soldier Is Shot and At Least One Gunman Remains on the Loose

As I write, a crisis is unfolding in Ottawa, Canada's capital. It began earlier today at Canada's war memorial when a Canadian soldier was shot in the chest at close range. That was followed by a gunman--at the moment it's unclear if it's the same one--who entered the Parliament Building and was killed by the Sergeant-at-Arms (the person responsible for security there). Meanwhile, shots have also been heard near the Rideau Centre, a large shopping mall not far from Parliament Hill.

As it stands now, much of Ottawa's core--including office buildings, schools and, of course, Parliament--is in lockdown.

It remains to be seen how it all plays out and who these shooters are.

That said, there's one thing to be grateful for at this time: it's that Stephen Harper--and not "diversity"-besotted Justin Trudeau--is our prime minister.

Update: There's a report that the shooters were wearing "Islamic garb."

Update: I'm now hearing (on CBC radio) that this might be a "well-planned, Mumbai-style attack."

Update: The CBC has just confirmed that the soldier who was shot at the National War Memorial this morning--he was standing on guard there--has now died.

Update: The RCMP has scheduled a briefing for 2 o'clock.

Update: ISIS called for attacks on Canada last month, now it's happening

Update: We are all Israel now.

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