Monday, October 20, 2014

Rotten and Disgusting: McGill University Student Association Singles Out Jewish State for Opprobrium, Aims to Pass Anti-Israel Resolution

You can read it here; as a precaution against projectile vomiting onto your computer screen, might I suggest ingesting a dose of Gravol at least 20 minutes prior to clicking on the link.

For those who wish to forgo the "treat" of reading vile Zionhass tarted up as empathy for the downtrodden, here's a brief synopsis: Their collective hearts bleed for the poor Palestinians who have been bombed and blockaded by the perfidious Zionists. There's no mention, of course, of Hamas, a jihadi terrorist criminal enterprise, and its genocidal dreams as outlined in its Charter. That wouldn't square with the Palestinians-as-the-Jews'-victim narrative that's all the rage on university campuses these days.

Update: Symptomatic of the rot infesting campuses, an American academic association claims that its decision to single out Israel for a boycott is in no way discriminatory.

No, not even a little bit.

Such an upending of reality and rationality always tends to lead me back to that seminal/chicken-or-egg question: Does Zionhass/useful idiocy make you stupid, or must one be stupid (meaning open to awful/hateful/crackpot ideas) to begin with? Or maybe it's like a Mobius strip of stupidity: one is open to these bad ideas, which leads one down the arid desert path to Zionhass/useful idiocy, which perpetuates one's stupidity, which therefore sustains the Zionhass/useful idiocy. Borrowing from Sartre, one could describe that endless loop affording Israel Huis Clos--No Exit.

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