Thursday, October 23, 2014

McGill U Poli-Sci Prof Sees "Multiculturalism" as Salvation for "Radicalization"

McGill prof Rex Brynen says "Jihadism is a high-profile brand" that appeals "to certain people who are angry with the world." And he thinks he knows the best way to fight it:
Brynen said intercultural dialogue is key to fighting radicalization because groups that feel included and valued are more likely to report deviant behaviour to the authorities. 
“Multiculturalism has been very, very helpful in reducing the risk of terrorism,” he said.
Thing is, it has also helped stoke it by engendering ghettoized communities from problematic places (like, say, Pakistan and Iran). Not that the professor seems terribly worried about any of that:
He added that while radicalization is cause for concern, the issue should not be overblown, noting that the risks of being run over for jaywalking or being hit by lightening are far greater than the likelihood of being a victim of homegrown terrorism.
True enough, but as yesterday's events in Ottawa show, one lone jihadi can tie up and terrorize an entire city--one that, by, no co-incidence, happens to be Canada's capital. But for the lightening-quick reflexes and judgment of Kevin Vickers, Parliament's Sergeant-at-Arms, the "issue" would have been far from overblown. It would have quickly escalated into a bloodbath on an epic scale.

Update: Bryden may have an excuse for downplaying the threat of "radicalization"--he made the above statements before yesterday's events in Ottawa had taken place. The same can't be said for the NatPo's Jonathan Kay, who "tweeted" this post-attack:
Please get a grip, folks. This is not "war." It's one Islamist-inspired lunatic killing one guy and then getting killed in a famous building
Only one Islamist. Whose Dad is off waging jihad in Libya. Who killed a Canadian soldier standing on guard at Canada's National War Memorial (two days after another Canadian soldier was killed and another injured by a jihadi). Who then could have unleashed a bloodbath on Canadian lawmakers in Canada's seat of government.

Yeah, that's just sooooo ho hum--so un-symbolic--that it could almost make one nod off due to a killer combo of sang-froid, boredom and terminal ennui.

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Refugee Racket Webteam said...

I wonder if the parents of the soldiers killed consider their son 'some guy' who should be martyred in the name of multiculturalism. What is the price of allowing an aggessive, malevolent 'culture' like Islam to invade and transform Western culture?