Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oh No--More RCMP "Outreach"!

Tarek Fatah describes it here:
Lost in the horror of these murders that some are still referring to as a “possible” terrorist attack, was the news on Saturday that three Muslim girls of Somali heritage, who wanted to travel to the Mideast and join ISIS in Syria as wives of jihadis, were back home and free. 
The Toronto Star reported the teenage girls’ parents had tipped off the RCMP, who arranged to apprehend the teens in Turkey and return them to Toronto. 
What was particularly disturbing was that instead of arresting and charging these three ISIS recruits, the RCMP simply sent them back into the community, under the care of their parents. 
The Star quoted their families’ lawyer saying, “The parents felt comfortable in contacting police to prevent the young girls from ruining their lives.” 
He said Somali community leaders are happy the RCMP has not prosecuted them and hopes, instead, to glean intelligence from the case which will stop others. 
In my view, this is multiculturalism taken to its worst extreme. 
Twenty years ago, would the RCMP have released teenage IRA recruits back into the care of their parents?
Well, of course not. But then, it wasn't performing "outreach" to the Irish community.

Anyone else think it's time for an official inquiry into the Mounties' modus operandi vis-a-vis the jihad?

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