Wednesday, October 22, 2014

And They Call It Butty Love...

Mark Steyn riffs on a hit song du jour, and how the chick who sings it, a gal with an ample bedonkadonk, differs from Doris Day, a canary of yesteryear whom Bob Hope affectionately dubbed "J.B." (for her "jut butt"):
MS: I heard this song by Meghan Trainor, 'All About That Bass', which is like a huge hit at the moment. And it's basically ...a love song to Meghan Trainor's butt. It's about a woman who has like a ...not Doris Day's pert jut butt - I don't want to make this the subtext of the show, but she is rather more spectacularly endowed in that department ...and the song is basically 'yes, my butt is huge, and isn't it fabulous, and I'm singing this love song to my butt.' It's basically the 'I'll Be Seeing You' for butts. It's basically 'The Way You Look Tonight' for butts.... 
I mean, it would never have occurred to Nat King Cole to sing a love song to his butt. And what I find so odd about these things today is they're less and less about boy meets girls or whatever... they're essentially these naval-gazing songs about how fabulous I am. It's not about: Oh, some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger across a crowded room. No, it's some enchanted evening, you may look in the mirror and see how fabulous your butt looks.
They're writing songs of love, butt not for me? 

In the same post, Mark comes to my aid in dating his Seth Rogan-esque photo (the one the NatPo always uses). I guessed that it dated from 1997 or thereabouts, but apparently it could be--yikes!--at least 10 years older.

Now, I happen to recall 1987 with great fondness; it's the year I married my marvelous husband (to whom I'm still hitched). But if your official headshot was taken the same year that "Walk Like an Egyptian" topped the charts, it's a clue that it's time for a change.

Incidentally, if you walk like an Egyptian, you'll have a "jut butt" for sure (see below).

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