Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why Would Three Young American Chicks (Who Got No Further Than Germany) Want to Run Off to Join ISIS?

Have no fear, John Kerry is looking into it:
The United States is "very, very grateful to Germany," Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday after three American teenage girls suspected of intending to join Islamist militants were apprehended at Frankfurt Airport. Two sisters, aged 17 and 15, and another 16-year-old flew back to their home of Denver voluntarily after their parents contacted German officials who stopped them at the airport over the weekend.
"It is under investigation now. Our folks are looking at the causes and impacts very carefully...this is an example of good cooperation between us, and the increased vigilance of law enforcement on this issue of the movement of people from one country to another," Kerry told a press conference in Berlin on Wednesday.
Knowing Kerry, he'll find some way to blame it on the failure of the Israel-Palestinian "peace" process.

Update: My "Jacksonian" advice for Kerry:

Don't blame it on the Jew state.
Don't blame it on their sad fate.
Don't blame it on our "hate".
Blame it on the jeehad.

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