Sunday, October 26, 2014

Actually, Mr. 'Toonist, You ARE Missing Something

Cartoon in the Toronto Sun (I can't seem to find it online, so permit me to describe it to you): The caption reads: "HOMEGROWN TERRORISM 101" The 'toon shows four men sitting cross-legged on the ground as a dude in Islamic dress--a recruiter of some sort--explains: "NO loud music, dancing or drinking!...You kill people and then you blow yourself up."

The two potential recruits closest to the speaker look at him in rapt attention. The other two men sitting further away look at each other as one asks," I missing something?"

Er, yes. The "something" that's been left out (by the recruiter and the 'toonist) is Allah's call for true believers to become mujahids and to be martyred while battling the infidel--the highest calling in Islam--as well as the promised payoff for the martyrdom, of which I'm certain you're well aware.

That's "Homegrown Terrorism 101." Without it, the 'toon (by Dewar of the QMI Agency) makes no sense at all.

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