Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oddly Enough, Some Criminally-Minded Losers Find Islam's Severe Punishments Extremely Appealing

According to reports, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the dead Ottawa gunmen and a recent "revert" to Islam, had his innings with the criminal justice system. On the IVP site you can read about another (alleged) criminal, also jihadi, and this info affords us a window into the disturbed and disturbing way such blokes think:
Meanwhile, a Seattle man, Ali Muhammad Brown, repeatedly invoked his Muslim faith while being interrogated by detectives in connection with four murders from Washington to New Jersey. Each victim was shot repeatedly. 
"My life is based on living in the cause of Allah," Brown said. "Living in the cause of Allah. To live for Allah, to die for Allah." 
While some details of that interrogation have been described in court papers, the Investigative Project on Terrorism obtained a copy of the full one hour and 44 minute conversation. 
Brown expressed disdain for gay people – two of his victims are believed to have been gay – describing homosexuality as "completely against nature" but stating the government allows "this evil to fester." 
He repeatedly invoked the idea that an Islamic Caliphate, or Islamic rule, is the only way to restore order to American society. Brown also is suspected in armed robberies in New Jersey. He told detectives he thought about leaving America to "go to the land where God the almighty, Allah, is established and implemented." 
Muslims, Brown said, cannot practice their religion in America, "because jihad is a part of our religion." 
But Islamic law, governed by a Caliphate, can cure America of its social ills, he said, citing brutal punishment for those caught breaking the law. Prison doesn't work. In Islam, however, "you cut the hand in public for everyone to see. You alleviate all your thieves right there ... You behead someone right there in public, in the streets? You alleviate all the problems like that."
Hey, if you want to, ahem, alleviate problems, you gotta shed a little--or quite a lot of--blood, right?

No joke: what do you call a first-time thief in the Caliphate? Answer: Lefty.

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