Monday, October 20, 2014

"I Will Not Be Silent": Naftali Bennett

The uppity Israeli, accused (falsely) by a Kerry factotum of turning one of her nitwit boss's "deep" thoughts into an "anti-Semitic canard," is hitting back (as well he should):
Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, on Sunday, reiterated and expanded criticism of remarks by American Secretary of State, John Kerry, last week, which implied the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was responsible for the Islamic State terror group’s recruiting successes. 
Asserting, “I will not be silent,” Bennett said in a Facebook post, that, “The notion regarding the centrality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not true and puts Israel at risk,” and called to “immediately and forcefully dismiss this dangerous theory.”
Exactly. In fact, the "dangerous theory" that "solving" the Israel-Palestinian issue is the key to Middle East stability is arguably the biggest canard around.

Update: The issue is Kerry's incompetence, not Israeli manners

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