Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Has the Photo of Justin Trudeau on the Cover of His "Memoirs" Been Retouched To Make Him Look Older?

I find it interesting that the photo chosen for the cover of Justin Trudeau's memoirs shows him with something we've never seen before--a face marked by crow's feet and a furrowed brow. No doubt that's an attempt to make the perennially youthful-looking Justin appear more aged and seasoned--and therefore old enough to be up the task of becoming prime minister.

I wonder: are these wrinkles for real, or have some been purposely--and purposefully--added to create the impression that Justin is older and wiser than he really is?

Update: The photo of Justin you see here is far more flattering. One learns from Ezva Levant (via BCF) that his memoirs were text-massaged by the NatPo's Jonathan Kay, who seems to have fallen for Trudeau in a big way. Fortunately, the Post's Chris Selley isn't swooning. In a comment piece today (I can't find it online so I'm quoting from my paper paper), Selley writes about the gentle questioning Justin underwent when bookstore empress Heather Reisman interviewed him before an adoring throng at Indigo's Manulife Centre location:
Off the cuff, however, on perhaps less-practiced subjects, [Justin] seems considerably less assured. The tones and the cadences are mostly right. He's a gifted speaker, no question. But his tone gets showier, more theatrical, the vaguer he gets. Words show up unwelcome and unannounced. And he has a knack for composing smart-sounding clips that carry the stench of nonsense: "We are actually putting together an election platform as a vision for how to properly govern this country," he told Ms. Reisman, who didn't ask what the vision is.
The "vision," in its entirety, is: I'm the prime minister and Stephen Harper is history.

Needs a little work, I think, but for more than a few it'll be more than enough.

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