Monday, December 1, 2014

Question on Ontario Liberals' Sex-Ed Survey Reveals the Fraud of "Diversity"

It should be obvious by now that "diversity" is a word/concept that's being used to indoctrinate people in "progressive" thinking. It should be equally obvious that such thinking is rigid and doctrinaire--in fact, anything but "diverse." Here's an example of what I mean. It's one of the "mushy and vague" questions from a recent survey that was supposed to look into Ontario parents' attitudes re sex-ed:
"It is important to me that my child(ren) are exposed to all kinds of diversity through the school curriculum"
The survey defines diversity as "factors such as ethnicity, sex, physical or intellectual ability, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and other similar facts."
In other words, every sort of "diversity" save the one variety which the Diversity Enforcers refuse to countenance, i.e. diversity of thought, opinion, political affiliation and worldview.

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