Wednesday, July 20, 2016

About That Speech...

According to a piece in the American Thinker, Melania Trump herself may have tweaked her speech without the approval of higher-ups in her husband's campaign (and, also according to this piece, the candidate is none too pleased about it). Rosslyn Smith, who wrote the article, says that because "the text was lifted (from) the speech of an African American Democrat rather than from a speech of the spouse of a Republican needlessly infuriated and energized some Democrats."

I agree. But it wasn't only "some Democrats" who had a problem with it. As I commented on the AT site:
What makes the--let's be charitable and call it--"borrowing" so hard to take is the woman from whom it was borrowed. Had Mel T. reprised the words of, say, Nancy Reagan or Barbara Bush it would not have been as shocking, or as mock-worthy.
Update: I'm no Colbert fan, but this is pretty funny:


Update: "The question of the day should be not about Melania Trump’s journalistic ethics, but about Hillary's total lack of conscience." Maybe so, but can we at least be honest and admit that Melania's gaffe didn't exactly do her husband or his current party any good?

Update: Melania's speechwriter says she's the one responsible for copycatting Michelle.

Update: This--white priviledge alert!--is a bunch of hogwash.

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