Saturday, July 23, 2016

It Was a Jihadi Again, Media People. Deal With It

The media so wanted it to be an attack by an immigrant-hating "right winger." Again and again yesterday afternoon, on both CNN and Fox News, they kept mentioning that yesterday was the fifth "anniversary" of the Anders Breivik massacre, an occasion that an immigrant-hating "right winger" might wish to commemorate--supposedly--by shooting kids at a McDonald's in Munich.

"Experts" were trotted out who said that it seemed to be shaping up as some sort of "right-wing" attack, and Fox anchor Shepard Smith, for one, was convinced that that's what it was.

Naturally, an eye-witness, a Muslim woman, cast doubt on that scenario when she said she heard the gunman holler the traditional jihadi war cry as he opened fire, specifically targeting children.

Even with the obligatory "Allahu Akbar," analysts remain baffled--yes, baffled!--as to what his motivation could possibly be.

Well, at least we know that an Anders Breivik-like grudge has now been ruled out.


Or maybe not.

Update: They're saying he was "deranged," but he had wits enough about him to hack into a young woman's Facebook page and lure the unsuspecting to that McDonalds with the promise of free food.

Crazy like a "lone wolf," no?

Update: He was "depressed." (Don't most depressed people amass huge quantities of ammo and lure people to certain death at a fast food joint that's synonymous with America?)

Update: He had "no ties to militant Islam." Quel relief, eh?

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