Wednesday, July 13, 2016

White Kid's "Poem" Decrying His "White Privilege" Goes Viral

It this empathy? Or a clueless and self-destructive masochism borne of leftist indoctrination? You be the judge (my bolds):
Royce Mann, an eighth grader from Atlanta, Ga., took the Internet by surprise with his poem called, “white boy privilege” that he wrote and recited at his school’s poetry slam contest in May.   
In the video recently posted by his mother on YouTube, 14-year-old Mann expresses his thoughts on race, gender and equality issues.  
The video has gone viral garnering more than 150,000 views and comments from viewers around the world.  
He began the poem by saying how grateful he was to have been born a white male and said that he loved his “white boy privilege.”  
“Dear women, I’m sorry, dear black people, I’m sorry… Dear everyone who isn’t a middle or upper class white boy, I’m sorry,” he recited in his poem. “But I wouldn’t change places with you.” 
He goes on to talk about the ways in which life is better for him than minorities and women before adding that things need to change.  
He states that because he is white, he can see a police officer and know that he is on his side. He can eat at a fancy restaurant and not be expected “to steal the silverware.” He can worry about what kind of food is on his plate instead of whether or not there will be food on his plate.  
In comparing his own life with those of different ethnicity and gender, he challenged white boys to “act like a woman, to be strong and to make a difference.”...

Dear Royce: Just wanted to give you the heads up that the most reviled group in our time (aside, that is, from "the Zionists") is young white men. As a result, they are often at the back of the line when it comes to getting into university programs and trying to get a job; ahead of them are members of every victim group you can think of, including women and black people. They say it's all for the sake of "diversity," but what that really means is that they're looking to make society the equivalent of one of those old Benetton ads--peoples of various hues from various cultures, all singing from the identical hymnal.

In other words, "diversity" of provenance but not (perish the thought) diversity of opinion.

As for your contentions that A) white people do not have run ins--sometime fatal ones--with police; B) that there are no poor white people who would be "expected to steal the silverware"; and C) that, to be "strong," young men should act more like young women--those notions are not grounded in any form of reality. Which is to say that they are about as far away from being true as Black Lives Matter is from being a genuine "civil rights" organization.

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