Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Degrassi Propagandizes on Behalf of the "Islamophobia" Agenda

The following TV show recommendation is included in the BEST BETS feature of the Toronto Star's Entertainment & Life Section:
  • As Degrassi: Next Class opens its second season, look for some of its stories to tackle Islamophobia, particularly as experienced by Goldi Nahir (Soma Bhatia), a politically charged teenage feminist, among the Degrassi students. (Family at 9:45)
The blurb shows a photo of the Degrassi "feminist". FYI, the character looks like this:

That's right--she's a "feminist" (and a victim) in a hijab.

Something tells me we shouldn't expect Degrassi--which will also be dealing with Black Lives Matter--to have an "honour killing" storyline.

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