Friday, July 15, 2016

Why Won't Obama Connect the Dots Re Jihadi Terrorism?

If he did, explains Robert Spencer, he'd be compelled to see the big picture, and, for reasons both personal and ideological, that's something he is loath to do (my bolds):
Question: did Franklin Delano Roosevelt, on behalf of the American people, condemn in the strongest terms every German and Japanese strike during World War II? Did he add that the U.S. administration was in touch with Hawaiian or Polish or French or Midway etc. officials and was ready to offer any assistance in the investigation? 
The answer is no, because there was no need to offer such condemnations. The world was at war, and the world knew it was at war. The fact was obvious, as was which side each combatant was on. Nor was there any need for an investigation after each battle. Everyone knew what was going on, and why. 
The reason why Obama offers these condemnations now after each jihad massacre is because he treats each as if it were an isolated incident, not as if it were one more battle in a long war. And he offers help in an investigation for the same reason: if U.S. officials do end up helping the French with an investigation of this latest jihad massacre, they will like come back with a characteristically Obamoid conclusion: they're unable to determine the motive of the perpetrator. 
In reality, there is no need for an investigation, because the jihadi’s motive is obvious...

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