Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pokémon Go More Riveting Than the Holocaust

That's what I glean from this one:
Visitors to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have been asked to refrain from playing the wildly popular augmented reality game Pokémon Go while at the memorial to the 6 million Jews slaughtered by Nazi Germany.

Images circulating online in recent days showed the game’s cartoon monsters at several locations inside the Washington, DC, museum, prompting administrators to seek to have the memorial removed from the mobile game, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

“Playing the game is not appropriate in the museum, which is a memorial to the victims of Nazism,” museum communications director Andrew Hollinger told The Post. “We are trying to find out if we can get the museum excluded from the game.”...
Better yet, exclude those people who see nothing wrong with playing Pokémon Go at the Holocaust Museum.

Update: From the same story:
An anonymous gamer on Monday informed New York Magazine that he was able to capture a Rattata monster while visiting the Auschwitz museum.
Update: Fatwa, schmatwa.

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