Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Liar and the Prophet

Yesterday's leaked disclosure about the nuke deal should set the record straight about which leader is which:
The head of the Institute for Science and International Security, a go-to agency on Iran’s nuclear program, says the side deal “will create a great deal of instability and possibly even lead to war.” 
Yet just last week, the president boasted that his deal — which provides the mullahs with tens of billions in sanctions relief for use on terrorism — is “avoiding further conflict and making us safer.” Really? 
All this proves that Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin (sic) Netanyahu, whom Obama openly mocked as a scare-monger for warning that Iran’s “breakout time” was six months or less, was anything but.
Obama doesn't give a fig about the truth or reality or the facts; to him, such niceties are irrelevant. (Two of the most egregious examples of this evil M.O.: you can't "keep your doctor," even if you want to, and the Benghazi debacle was not sparked by an impudent YouTube video mocking Islam's founder.) What Obama cares about is getting his own way, convinced, as he is, that he's the manifestation--no, the quintessence--of virtue, and that his way is the only way.

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