Monday, July 11, 2016

No, Bill O'Reilly, Muslims Who Wage Jihad Are NOT Akin to Catholic Priests Who Abuse Youngsters

Raymond Ibrahim refutes O'Reilly's foolish claim that both groups "abuse" their religious dogma:
From O’Reilly’s false premise, the errors naturally morph and multiply: “President Obama should do what I did.  Aggressively call out those who abuse the Muslim faith, who commit atrocities under a religious banner.” 
Unlike the Catholic example—where there is no biblical or ecclesiastical reference that can be “abused” to support the priestly rape of boys—armed violent jihad is a clear mandate of Islam, one that manifests itself repeatedly and vociferously in both the history and doctrinal teachings of Islam.  
According to the authoritative Encyclopaedia of Islam, which was published between 1913-1936—before the great age of political correctness set into the West—the “spread of Islam by arms is a religious duty upon Muslims in general … Jihad must continue to be done until the whole world is under the rule of Islam … Islam must completely be made over before the doctrine of jihad [warfare to spread Islam] can be eliminated.” Even the atrocities that groups like ISIS engage in—beheadings, crucifixions, church bombings, and sexual enslavements—are supported by the doctrines and historical practice of Islam.  Indeed, even that one ISIS atrocity that the West is convinced has nothing to do with Islam—burning people alive—stretches all the way back to the example of prophet Muhammad and is taught in the curriculum of Egypt’s Al Azhar University, widely regarded as the most prestigious seat of Islamic learning around the world.  
This is why, Mr. O’Reilly, most Muslims are not aggressively condemning ISIS, the way you condemned the pedophilic priests... 
Bill has a real chance to educate people about this stuff. Sadly, he prefers to take it on faith (so to speak) that jihad, a core precept of Islam, is an aberration of the "real" faith.

I'd call that an abuse of the truth--and a wasted opportunity.

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