Friday, July 22, 2016

Terrorists Blast Through Obama's Sang Froid Once Again

In yet another display of his flawless timing, no sooner had Barack Obama assured Americans that, pace Donald Trump's speech last night, there was nothing to fear but fear itself news was breaking of an apparent terrorist incident unfolding at the softest of targets--a large shopping mall in Munich, Germany.

CNN is reporting that the shooting began at a McDonald's.

It is interesting to note that the mall is across the street from the stadium built for the Munich Olympics, the 1972 games that are infamous for the terrorist incident which took the lives of 11 Israeli athletes.

The Germans, like the French, used to be under the impression that the jihad against the Jewish state was different than the jihad being waged against the rest of the infidel world (if, indeed, they bothered to acknowledge the reality of the global jihad at all). They are now learning to their horror that that couldn't be farther from the truth and that, in a very real sense, all infidels--and, certainly, all Europeans--are now Israelis.

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