Friday, July 15, 2016

Slimy Salutin Spits on Elie Wiesel's Grave

Wiesel's "crime," as far as Toronto Star opiner Rick Salutin is concerned: he failed to manifest the same "hate-Israel" bona fides as Salutin and his fellow "progressive" poseurs.

Salutin's column is so revolting that I refuse to quote from it. If you have the stomach for such things, you can read it here.

And here's the letter I wrote in response:
It was particularly distressing to read Rick Salutin's hit piece on the late author, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel the day after the horrific massacre in Nice. That attack is a sad reminder, as if any were needed, that France's enemies and Israel's enemies are one and the same--Islamists who believe their religious doctrine directs them to murder those they hate. And there is nothing they hate more than Western civilization, which has the audacity to flourish while much of the Muslim world flounders.

That Elie Wiesel remained steadfast in his support for Israel, the Jewish state that opens its doors to Jews from every nation--and, increasingly these days, to French Jews fleeing hate crimes being perpetrated against them by Muslims in France--is to his credit. That "progressive" Jews such as Rick Salutin, Peter Beinart and Max Blumenthal, handicapped by their own ideological blindness and a withering disdain for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have used the occasion of Wiesel's death to cast aspersions on him for failing to hew to their "progressive" worldview, is as shameful as it is disgusting.

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