Friday, July 15, 2016

Mayor's Office Caves In to Angry Marxists (Because of Their Skin Colour)

Dear Mayor Tory: please grow a pair because this is a terrible idea:
In an e-mail sent to Black Lives Matter Toronto, the mayor’s office notes both he and the city want to consult on “systemic racism, specifically anti-black, anti-aboriginal, and anti-Islamic racism,” and that these consultations will begin in September.
Black Lives Matter wants to get rid of the police. 

All police.

It is therefore a huge mistake to "consult" with these Marxists on anything.

And, BTW, what about anti-Jewish racism (since Jews, by a wide margin, are most often targeted for hate crimes in the city)?

In light of what happened in Nice yesterday, I'm thinking of starting an organization called Infidel Lives Matter. And I'd be willing to "consult" with the mayor on issues pertaining to victimhood Marxism and the way the phantom threat of  "Islamophobia" is being used to silence all criticism of the problematic aspects of Islam (jihad, sharia, supremacism, etc.).

Update: BCF's visual metaphor for our mayor--a quivering blancmange--is sheer perfection.

Mayor John Tory

Update: It must be pointed out that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is running neck-and-neck with Mayor Tory in the blancmange department:
Wynne said people can debate specific tactics, but the [Black Lives Matter Toronto] group is raising issues of systemic racism "that have to be taken seriously." 
"People have a right to peaceful protest and we as a government have a responsibility, and I would suggest we as a society have a responsibility, to tackle the challenges of systemic discrimination as we see them." 
Wynne stepped outside the Ontario legislature in April to speak to a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters and told them she was willing to set up a formal meeting. That has not yet happened, but Wynne said Thursday that it would take place "later in the fall, perhaps."...
 Just call her Premier Kathleen Wymmpe.

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