Sunday, July 10, 2016

Atheist China's Islamic Theme Park Fails to Draw the Crowds

And, no, it isn't called Allahworld (but maybe it should be):
YINCHUAN, China — China's government is pouring billions of dollars into a lavish Islamic theme park to attract Muslim tourists and boost its image in the Arab world. All that's missing is visitors.
The attraction boasts buildings that resemble the Taj Mahal and Istanbul's Blue Mosque — although these days it is less a "AAAA-rated national tourist site," as advertised, than a massive construction site.  
The China Hui Culture Park is being expanded as part of a plan to transform a dusty plain in central Ningxia province into a tourism mecca.
Good luck with that one, ChiComs. You'd better hope you have more luck with your attraction that the Palestinians are having with theirs.

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