Sunday, January 8, 2017

Argument for Keeping the UN Alive and Kicking and In the US: Surely the UN "Does a Lot of Good"

Surely you jest (and don't call Andrew C. McCarthy "Shirley," dammit):
At best, denying our annual $3 billion payment would accomplish nothing. Defunding measures are called for periodically, whenever the U.N. induces a congressional tantrum over one or another of its obscenities. Even as one lawmaker fumes about shutting off the spigot, another is already saying, “Well, we don’t need to defund everything — after all, the U.N. does a lot of good.” 
“A lot of good,” by the way, is an exaggeration. Sure, some U.N. officials are just as well-meaning as any other preening progressive. But the institution stinks, even in its humanitarian aid work. As Heritage’s Brett D. Schaefer notes, citing a 2012 academic study on best and worst practices among aid agencies, U.N. agencies consistently rank “among the worst and least effective performers.”
McCarthy identifies the one thing at which the world body does excel:
The UN is Ground Zero of the Islamist-Leftist quest to eviscerate Western principles and individual liberty - and, while they're at it, the Jewish state.
No doubt about it, at that the UN is relentless--and peerless.

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