Monday, January 23, 2017

SNL's Tribute to a Departing Obama Is a Real Lulu

SNL bade farewell to its hero a la gushing schoolgirl Judy Geeson saying ta-ta to the teacher she's been crushing on.

Here's my less-than-worshipful version of the original song:
Those foolish days
Of being blind and leading from behind are done.
But in their minds they think that Mrs. C. has really won.
But how do you get a grip when your idol is no longer on the scene?
It isn't easy, so they'll cry.
If he promised to heal and instead he made things so much worse
They still won't see it and will thirst for him: 'To BHO, Come Back'.
The time has come for moving on; he's gone; his time has passed.
And if today it's "America First" it's 'cause he put it very last.
There won't be apology tours and jours of crazy lefty fits of shame.
No Cairo speeches, no more games.
If he did lasting harm by capitulating to some Shias
His fans'll still holler, "Please,
"Please, BHO, Come Back!"

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