Thursday, January 5, 2017

Globe & Mail Opiner Sheema Khan Applauds Efforts to "Address the Radicalization of Muslim Youth Head On"

From her G&M bully pulpit, Sheema lauds a recent report, Women and Violent Jihad, for supposedly doing just that. The report, she says (my bolds),
provides a historical context of violent female radicalization across cultures and ideologies. 
It also sheds light on the reasons why a number of Quebec women between the ages of 17 and 19 decided to leave for Syria. Many felt that it was difficult to live as a Muslim in a hostile environment that left them feeling stigmatized and/or marginalized. The Western feminist model of emancipation seemed to clash with their desire to stay home and raise a family. In contrast, calls to build and join a utopian state where one can live as a “true” Muslim without harassment, seemed like a panacea for some. The report concludes with the need for more research.
Research which will likely reaffirm the fatuous notion that it's our fault for creating the "hostile environment" that pushes these young women into the arms of ISIS.

Funny how Sheema praises an initiative that "addresses radicalization" by evading responsibility and pinning most of the blame on the infidel, no?

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dmurrell said...

The G&M publishes mostly hard-left opinion, including pro-Islamist such as Ms. Khan. This is in keeping with the biases of its billionaire owner.