Wednesday, January 25, 2017

John Kerry: What a Blockhead!

The former Secretary of State thought he was being clever and crafty when, in the closing hours of the Obama administration, he bypassed Congress and sent the Palestinians $220 million. Turns out his efforts will likely end up helping Israel and hurting Obama's pets:
...Former Secretary of State John Kerry endangered future funding to the PA by orchestrating the $221 million release in the final hours of the Obama administration, according to a report published Monday by the Associated Press and additional details provided to TWS. The release was made in spite of holds that had been placed on the funds by a number of lawmakers.

“I don't know if we can recoup that money, but I intend to suspend future funding to the Palestinian Authority until they change their laws that reward young Palestinians for killing Israelis and Americans," South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham told TWS.

Graham said he will reintroduce the Taylor Force Act, named after an Army veteran who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist last March, which cuts funding until the PA stops directly or indirectly financing terrorism. The PA set aside roughly $140 million to support imprisoned terrorists and their families in 2016, including those of "martyrs," according to experts who spoke to Congress in July.

"I find that cruel and unacceptable," Graham said. "I will be pushing to stop those payments."

And nuts to you, Mr. Kerry.

Update: Looks like the Palestinians just got Trumped.

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