Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tarek Fatah's "J'accuse" Re "Media Elite" Who Downplay the Real and Present Threat of Jihadi Terrorism

Here he is channeling his inner Zola:
In my view, there is a cowardice and complicity among the media elite, which became endemic during the Obama years, to downplay the threat of Islamic terrorism, carefully camouflaged as wisdom.  
These media elites tell us that anyone who dares to vote or support Brexit, or elect or support Trump, are racists and fascists.  
Well, your time is up, you millionaire Marxists. 
Time for you to brush up on Rosa Luxembourg and Madame Mao in your libraries. 
Meanwhile, we will fight on your behalf when the jihadi Islamic terrorists appear. 
Don’t worry. You are just the extra baggage, along for the ride.

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