Monday, January 30, 2017

ISIS Chicks In Syria: Living in Wedded Bliss Or Dying In Horrible Ways?

One anthropologist would have you believe it's the former. Of course, you'll likely greet her analysis with a healthy degree of skepticism once you factor in the genuine possibility that she both supports and recruits for ISIS.

The latter possibility comes courtesy the Clarion Project, and torpedoes any "bliss" scenario:
The leader of ISIS’ al-Hansa women’s battalion escaped with four of her assistants and millions of dollars, according to the Arabic-language al-Sumaria News. 
ISIS members were reportedly chasing the quintet across Ninveh Province in Iraq. 
Al-Hansa administers female suicide bombers and female prisons in areas controlled by Islamic State. Among the punishments meted out by al-Hansa is the biting of ‘offenders’
“Four are Arabs and one is from Tajikistan,” an eyewitness told the news outlet. “The leader of the battalion is also considered ISIS’ minister of women’s affairs.” 
The report suggests the women were headed for Syria. 
Al-Sumaria also reports (Arabic) ISIS forcing women to wear Afghani men’s clothes and carry weapons to fight against the oncoming Iraqi military. 
ISIS reportedly executed three women by gunfire because they refused to so do.

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