Friday, January 27, 2017

Blustering Obama Fan Peter Beinart Accuses Israel of Playing the Saucy Vixen, Enticing Aggrieved and Lustful Palestinians Into "Raping" Her

Sounding not unlike a male version of Whoopi Goldberg commenting on Roman Polanski, "progressive" pundit Peter Beinart says that if Israel gets "raped" by Palestinian terrorists, it isn't rape-rape because the Jews under Netanyahu's leadership had it coming.

Take it from there, Ruthie Blum:
To give greater weight to his argument, Beinart first presented the positions of those who ‎favor Israeli settlement construction and the relocation of the US Embassy, and then ‎refuted their logic.  
One such position was that “Israel should never be cowed by the prospect of Palestinian ‎violence.” 
‎”To do so,” he said, “would be to imply that Israel deserves some of the blame for that ‎violence, which is like blaming a woman who is raped for wearing a short skirt.” 
But here is where Beinart returned his own volley with a mighty whack. Unlike rape, he ‎wrote, which “is purely a product of male pathology, Palestinian violence … is a ‎pathological response to a genuine grievance.” Aha. 
In other words, Israel really is at fault for getting raped — whether it wears dresses or ‎pants; curtsies or bows; begs or pleads; or fights back. It is to blame for the plight of the ‎Palestinians. In fact, if not for the “violence” of Jewish oppression, they would be ‎teaching their children to sing “Kumbaya” and plant flowers, instead of raising them to ‎become martyrs for Allah. 
Yes, according to Beinart, “Snuffing out their hopes of ever tasting the basic freedoms ‎that David Friedman and Jared Kushner take for granted is violence.” Kudos for so ‎deftly killing two Jews — the incoming US ambassador to Israel, and Trump’s son-in-‎law/adviser — with one stone. 
Beinart wrapped up his piece with a proverbial sigh and characteristic self-justification for ‎attacking the state he always professes to love. “We must say so now, before the sight of ‎dead Jews drives us all mad,” he wrote. 
That Beinart has this view of the situation is not the least bit surprising. He is known for ‎his affiliation with the leftist organization J Street, whose “hold Israel responsible” stance ‎jibes perfectly with his own.
Once again, Beinart gets it wrong. We know what leads to e'er more dead Jews. It's when peacemongers, like those who finagled the intifada-fomenting Oslo Accords, are allowed to prevail.

Update: But wait--it seems that Beinart's not the only one who's panting about Israel and rape. This one, which includes a variation on that theme, just turned up in my email inbox:
Rogers TV, which runs community programming throughout Canada, has pulled the plug on an Arabic-language show called AskMirna after B’nai Brith Canada drew its attention to antisemitic messages promoted in the program. 
AskMirna, which describes itself as “presenting an accurate, positive, inspiring and entertaining image of the Arab-Canadian community,” dedicated an entire episode to “Nakba Day,” in which Palestinians annually mourn the establishment of the State of Israel and call for its destruction. This included an interview with Nazih Khatatba, who described Jewish suffering as “fairy tales” and engaged in Holocaust denial. 
Khatatba, a leader of Palestine House in Mississauga, Ont. has a history of inciting violence against Jews. In December, 2014, he lauded the terrorists behind the Har Nof synagogue massacre in Jerusalem that left six dead in his al-Meshwar newspaper. The incident was later investigated by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). 
In other episodes of AskMirna, Palestinian-Canadian children are shown dancing to songs that praise terrorism against Israel, which is labelled “the rapist entity.”
How adorbs! Maybe Pete could get the kiddie dance troupe to perform at the next J Street convention. (BTW, the TV show's Mirna is dressed kind of slutty. Just saying.)

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