Sunday, January 29, 2017

Obama's "Anti-Israel Vision of Justice for the Palestinians" Included a Peres-Like Send Off for Netanyahu

Now that the Obami have left the building (so to speak), Dore Gore recounts a telling anecdote--and Caroline Glick repeats it:
Gold related that after Obama and his entourage left Israel following former president Shimon Peres’s funeral last September, Obama phoned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from Air Force One. He told Netanyahu that if he wants to have a funeral like Peres’s, he needs to get moving with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu responded that he has no interest in having a funeral like Peres’s, “because I have no intention of participating in my country’s funeral.”

In other words, Netanyahu told Obama that the US leader’s understanding of what Israel needs to do to bring justice to the Palestinians involves Israel ceasing to exist.
Obama imagining Netanyahu's funeral: sounds like malevolent wishful thinking to me.

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Earl said...

It would be "Obamae".

/but "former-US-President-and-historical-footnote" would suffice...