Friday, January 6, 2017

John Kerry: A Rank Opportunist From WAY Back

In doing his boss Obama's pernicious bidding, John Kerry has fatally tarnished his own legacy. But professional French intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy recalls a day, now long past, when he encountered a much different man--or so he believed:
I no longer recognized, in this facile effort to regain lost authority on the cheap, the obscure young senator from Illinois whom I met in Boston one day in July 2004: he evoked for me, then, the shared glory — in his eyes, parallel and commensurate glories — of the American civil rights movement and the Jewish people’s new flight from Egypt, as represented by Zionism.
But I sense only too clearly now the early warning signs of a broken humanity, resounding more loudly than ever before with the clash of empires and of competing visions of the world, doomed to suffer the eternal recurrence of injustice and carnage — but in which “the longest hate” once again becomes a shared religion.
Me? I don't think Kerry has changed all that much. He was an opportunist, a hack and a pompous windbag back then; he remains so to this day. 

More than anything else, that will be his enduring legacy.

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DeeBee9 said...

The quote appears to be about Obama, not Kerry.