Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Talk About Taking "May You Live In Interesting Times" To Extremes

So the latest (as yet unsubstantiated) allegation is this: the reason why Trump is so pro-Putin is because the Russian strongman has something really embarrassing on him, i.e. proof that Trump once got a Ruskie prostitute to pee on him.

The countdown to someone in the media calling it "Urinegate" begins now.

Update: Secret info on Trump? The Kremlin says, "Nyet!"

Update: Trump's denial includes a bizarre non-sequitur--"Are we living in Nazi Germany?" 

Update: Why You Should Doubt that Salacious Trump Espionage Memo

Update: File this one under "Hindsight's a Beeyotch"--Trump once touted a "golden opportunity."

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