Thursday, January 12, 2017

When Jihad Knocks You Down and You Act Like a Clown, That's Obama!

Bruce Bawer detects glimmers of an old Rat Packer in America's departing POTUS:
But as bad a president as Obama has been, imagine how much more damage he could have done if not for his laziness. Fortunately for all of us, it turned out that his sloth exceeded his determination to transform America into Venezuela. If he's leaving office with a far higher level of popular support than he deserves, it's not because of anything he's accomplished but, in large part, because a lot of people who don't pay close attention to politics, and who haven't been personally damaged by his policies, retain an admiration for his style. He's smooth, he's suave, he's “cool.” That “cool” factor seduced a lot of voters in 2008. But over the years it has seemed increasingly clear that that “cool” factor was a function of his indifference. I was thinking about this the other day and it suddenly occurred to me whom he reminded me of : Dean Martin. 
Yes, Dean Martin. Humor me here. Martin was cool, too. Audiences loved his laid-back style: he never seemed to be trying too hard. As Bob Greene wrote in 2012,  “Frank Sinatra may have liked the image of being Chairman of the Board, but the core of Martin's enduring allure is that not only did he not want to be chairman, he didn't even want to serve on the board: It would mean that he would be cooped up in some boardroom for meetings when he'd rather be out playing golf.” Hey, whom does that remind you of? Writing about Martin this year, jazz critic Ted Gioia noted that “There’s a term in Italian for this kind of attitude: menefreghismo, a couldn’t-care-less manner that brings with it overtones of extreme macho coolness and total disregard for all consequences.” Ahem. 
There's another phrase that captures the same sort of sangfroid. And considering all the evil that's been unleashed during Obama's term in office, up to an including his shepherding of the UN's latest Israel takedown, I like it even better than the Italian word.

The phrase, of course, is "devil-may-care."

Speaking of Dino and the demonic, I thought I'd revive this one--one of Martin's biggest hits. It's a "tribute" to the unlovable psychos Obama tried to cozy up to, the ones intent on "solving" the latest edition of the age-old "Jewish problem" via nuclear means:
When the sh*t hits the fan like it will in Iran
That's no more, eh.
When the Big Shia whines
About Allah's designs
That's no more, eh.
Shias hate,
Ulu-lulu-late, ulu-lulu-late
That their mahdi's returnin'.
First things first,
Rockets burst,
Fear the worst,
That is: Jews'll be burnin'.
When it seems deja vu
Is now all coming true
That's no more, eh.
When you're told to keep mum
'Bout Obama (that bum),
That's no more, eh.
When it's all too surreal
'Cuz you've heard the same spiel
Once before, eh.
'Scooza me but "Z.E.'s*" not expendable, see?
That's no more, eh.  
 *Zionist Entity

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