Sunday, January 15, 2017

Suppose They Gave a "Peace In Our Time" In Our Time Conference and Neither Of the Warring Sides Came?

No, really, supposing they did. Wouldn't that be the apex of insanity, the pinnacle of anti-Zionist skullduggery?

Why, yes; yes it would:
US Secretary of State John Kerry, who rebuked Israel recently over its settler activity on Palestinian territory, will join the talks on his farewell tour, along with delegates from the UN, EU and Arab League.
Talk about stacking the deck against the Jews! 

Update: The funniest (in a sick-making, mordant sort of way) thing I've read all day:
The U.S. State Department has said [Kerry] is attending to make sure that "whatever happens in this conference is constructive and balanced," the BBC reports.
I'll be about as "constructive and balanced" as Kerry's most recent anti-Israel peroration (which was as lengthy as it was demented).

Update: The UN powwow "detached from reality"? You betcha!

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