Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Epic Fail: "Progressive" Persuasion Re Omar Khadr's "Just" Deal Falls Flat

While our "progressive" and exquisitely refined "betters" have been urging us to embrace the colossal (and epically undeserved) pay off to Omar Khadr (see, for example, this, this and this), J.J. McCullough explains why the vast majority of Canadians deplore the deal:
[It] is against the contrary backdrop of endless self-flagellation by their betters that Canadians are now being asked to swallow the notion that Omar Khadr, a former al-Qaeda operative, is such an unambiguous, uncomplicated victim of our monstrous war that anyone who finds fault with giving him $10.5 million of taxpayer cash must surely be deeply morally dishonest and deficient.
Persuasion is a skill that’s earned. Those who make their livings telling Canadians what to think about the war on terror must now grapple with just how utterly unconvincing they’ve been.
Must they? And more to the point, why would they when they're convinced that they--superior beings both morally and intellectually--are right and we--the drooling, knuckle-dragging masses--are wrong?

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