Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Justin Trudeau Tells Germans He Admires Their Food--and Their, Er, "Blood"

As per usual, bad things happen when Justin, a huge ignoramus, speaks off the cuff:
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done it again. 
During a friendly interview with Germany’s second-largest newspaper, BILD, last week, Trudeau, in Hamburg for the G20 meeting, was asked by the popular tabloid: “Just very briefly, what is your view on Germany?” 
Trudeau starts off well enough, describing Germans as “wonderful, thoughtful people” adding, “my stepfather was born in East Germany. I was raised to love German culture and German food – even the red cabbage. It’s something I feel a tremendous kinship to.”
OK, silly, but harmless. 
But then Trudeau, unprompted, follows up with this gem. 
In a bid to compliment his German hosts, according to the transcript of the interview published by BILD, Trudeau says: 
“You are perhaps a little more … I’m looking for the right word – predictable? No, you’re more organized, maybe, than Canadians can be. We’ve got enough French and Latin blood in us to be less organized.”
The Toronto Sun editorialist is affronted--and rightly so--because our dim bulb prime minister is making "exactly the kind of stereotypical and sweeping generalizations [he's] always scolding Canadians about." However, I see something far more disturbing being floated here: the idea that German "blood" is superior to the "blood" of others.

Seems to me we fought an entire world war re that one.


Frances said...

We did, and all the men in our families who were eligible were engaged. Granted some of them were in "reserved occupations", but someone had to produce the lead for the bullets, not to mention the heavy water for the A-bomb.

gama said...

Just-In's wants to buy the world a TOKE on our dime ! 
He'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
He'd like to buy the world a Toke
And keep it company
He's the real thing , { thing # 2 G.Butts }

Anonymous said...

Well, now that it's pretty clear that "blood," or rather genetics, is the primary reason for successful societies to exist, maybe we shouldn't have. Having carved the heart out of Europe we are now left with a feminized victim culture. Naturally, it's being taken over by the Middle East. Good world all round, eh?